I believe that pregnancy and the birth of a child is one of the most important and transformative experiences in one’s life. Parents who have a positive experience during the birth of their child have an easier time adjusting during their transition into parenthood. I believe that parents’ unique needs and desires should be acknowledged and respected. As your doula, I am committed to providing the individualized support that is right for you.

I believe that parents deserve to have accurate information regarding pregnancy and childbirth so that they may make confident and wise decisions for themselves and their baby. As a doula, I encourage mothers to trust their bodies, their own instincts, and the birth process itself. Giving birth in a calm and nurturing environment allows the mother to labor confidently. If a birth partner is present, I am always aware of the emotional connection he or she has with the mother and I honor that connection. My presence in no way diminishes the significant and essential role of the birth partner. Instead, I support the partner so that he or she can participate at their own comfort level.

I am married and have two daughters. I trained and received my doula certification through DONA International. I also obtained certification as a breastfeeding educator with the Texas Department of Health. I am comfortable attending births in a variety of settings and working with parents from diverse backgrounds. I am an active member of Central Texas Doula Association, Central Texas Birth Network, and the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services.

References available on request. An invoice and an NPI number can be provided to assist in insurance or FSA reimbursement.


We feel so blessed to have met you and been able to include you in our birth. The impact you had on our birth experience was priceless. You made both of us so comfortable and really helped to keep our confidence up. You are so caring and had a particular way of comforting and calming us when things were really crazy.

When it seemed like we were going mad, you made us feel sane and assured us that everything that was happening was normal...we needed that. We never could have guessed how close we would feel to you after this experience. We feel like you are family, and the deep level of trust that we now have in you is wonderfully reassuring (especially on those difficult days of parenting when all we need to hear is your encouragement and advice to follow our instincts).

Amanda, you helped us through the most difficult and beautiful thing we have ever been through, and for that we can’t thank you enough.
Sharon and Michael

I liked Amanda from the moment I spoke with her. Immediately I recognized that her calm and self-assured nature would be valuable during labor. This, coupled with her vast knowledge of pregnancy, labor and delivery solidified my decision.

Amanda tailored her doula services to me, specifically addressing my doubts and fears about natural labor. With her guidance and expertise, I labored efficiently, without fear or feeing rushed. I felt comforted not only by her knowledge, but by her presence.

She instilled in me the strength and the ability I needed to birth my son!

Amanda is such a wonderful, kind, warm, funny, and knowledgeable woman. The moment I met her, I knew she would be my doula. During the birth of my son, Amanda was calm, encouraging, and confident.

She guided me through the most amazing moment in my life. My husband said he could not have survived without her guidance. I would without the slightest hesitation recommend her!

My husband and I decided on hiring a doula for the birth of our daughter, Sofia. We met Amanda and instantly felt comfortable wither and knew she was the one who would take our exciting journey with us. She was so kind, open and understanding upon our first meeting that we hired her on the spot!

Throughout my pregnancy, she made herself very available to me and answered all of my questions (and there were a lot!). Although my pregnancy was relatively easy, and she said I was a real trooper, I still had questions, concerns, fears, and nervousness. Amanda worked very hard to relieve me of my worries. If she didn’t have an answer, she found it quickly!

When the big day came, Amanda’s sweet face and calm demeanor helped keep me focused and on task. She and my husband worked diligently, in tandem, to apply counter pressure on my back. This went on for many hours, it helped so much that an epidural was not needed, which was my wish!

She is such a wonderful, loving, open person, I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a special, safe, and personalized birthing experience.

Amanda’s presence at our birth was truly delightful and enabled me to really connect with my labor. She is warm and knowledgeable and has a great sense of timing. From thoughtful details as small as offering me sips of water or lip balm to guiding me through difficult contractions with words of encouragement and grounding eye contact, her support was there exactly when and exactly how I needed it.

When I didn’t need extra help, she had the ability to fade into the background, giving me and my husband a quiet space to simply labor together. Amanda was completely supportive of my personal vision for birth and guided me toward valuable information throughout my pregnancy. After the birth, she was a wonderful help with breastfeeding and making me feel nurtured through those first few weeks. I wouldn’t give birth again without her.

I’m telling every pregnant woman I know to get a doula like Amanda (or Amanda herself!) on their labor team. She was amazing and did so much to help us through our birth experience.

Amanda offered tailored advice for our pre and postnatal needs and was exceptional in terms of comfort ideas and was an excellent communicator for our concerns.

My partner and I are so glad we found Amanda to be our doula. Initially, we were uncertain about whether we needed a doula, especially since we had no clear birth plan. Amanda was great at talking us through all of our uncertainties without ever judging, or enforcing her own ideas.

I appreciated her openness to our questions and her willingness to share some of her personal experiences alongside her general expertise. She offered insights, but without ever being overbearing. In addition to her visits with us, she regularly provided us with lots of useful reading materials, as well as loaned us various books.

Amanda quickly became someone we both trusted a lot, and even more so when the time came to give birth. Somehow, she knew how to counsel and comfort both of us, without ever dominating the event. At one point in particular, Amanda became indispensable, helping us ask key questions of the doctors and nurses, when neither of us could focus on anything but the contractions.

Amanda’s ability to step back and analyze our situation guided us toward a more positive birth experience. I am so grateful to Amanda for the role she played at our son’s birth. She opened my eyes to how wonderful a doula can be.
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