Amy is currently on leave and not taking new clients. Please contact Amanda Wyszkowski or Erica Hope.


I believe women are strong. I believe in the transformational power of birth. I believe that when you take the fear out of birth, families are born into an atmosphere of joy and amazement. I believe that there is far more than one kind of ideal birth. My goal as a doula is to enhance the connection between a woman and her partner, and to provide emotional, physical, and informational support to families, whatever birth path they choose. I strive to create an atmosphere of peace so labor can progress freely.

I offer birth and postpartum services and breastfeeding classes to families in the Austin area, and am experienced in hospital, birthing center, and homebirth settings. I strive to help my clients create a peaceful, loving, and supported journey into parenthood. My son was born at a hospital in 2004, and my daughter was born at home in 2007. I am a member of the Central Texas Doula Association, the Central Texas Birth Network, and DONA International. I have trained with DONA International and ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators). I have received additional breastfeeding training through the Texas Department of Health.

Birth leaves me awestruck, every single time. I feel incredibly honored to do this work.

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Amy helped to make the birth of our first child so wonderful. She provided a calming, knowledgeable presence in the delivery room. She guided my husband on how to assist me best through the entire birthing process and suggested ways to make the experience more comfortable.

Her unassuming presence allowed the birth of our daughter to be very intimate and beautiful.

She was absolutely a best friend, support, healer, and massager all in one. I had a natural birth. I went to the hospital (NAMC) at about 4–5 cm, and she met me there. We walked and labored until 5–6 cm and then the nurse-midwife broke my water. Amy was just right by me the whole time.

She would have supported me no matter what I chose, which I love about her. She definitely supports natural birth and recognizes that we each make our own decisions with our own best interests in mind. She will go to great lengths to honor those decisions. I knew going in because it was my second that I wouldn’t need medication, so we were just free to make the birth as wonderful and memorable and empowering as it could be.

We had a slide show and music on the computer, and we laughed and ate and told stories and just loved the space we were in together as a team of people happy to bring a child into the world. She rubbed my feet and stood behind me to hold my pelvis stable while I contracted (for hours). She loved and supported my husband and helped him to know what was happening for me. She was on one side and he was on the other. The. Whole. Time.

She took photos and a timeline so that I could know what happened later. She was calm and upbeat and strong and lively. She was willing and capable and very, very kind. I had no need for medication at any point. It was so intense and she was right there with me. A calm voice in my ear, holding my focus forward and knowing that I could do it. My husband took the baby to the nursery to warm her and get her bathed, and Amy stayed with me and did the same.

She helped me transfer to my room and tucked me in for a nice, long nap. She was so wonderful. She has supported me since as well. I called her often with nursing questions (even though it’s my second), and she has just been there. Even seven months later, she checks on me to see that I’m doing alright. I don’t really feel like I hired a doula. I feel like I made a friend.

Three words sum up our experience with Amy as our doula: grace, ease, and joy! What a blessing to have her at our first birth. Did I mention grace? Thanks a million, Amy!

Amy was a huge help during my son’s birth in August. I had a homebirth with him, and Amy basically spent the entire labor applying pressure or doing massage on my hips and lower back.

She sat with me and helped me stay grounded while I was pushing, and her support was invaluable. She also talked me through some of my lingering fears during our prenatals, and was so helpful postpartum with nursing questions. I loved that she was always available to talk. And I felt really confident that she was going to support me through whatever kind of birth it ended up being. And that was really important to me.

If I have any more kids, the first person I would tell is Amy!

Amy was our doula for the birth of our second child. She was so committed to a joyful birth! As my pregnancy ran long and my patience ran short, Amy walked the mall with me for miles, going up and down the stairs with me step for step. This was so indicative of her support during the birth. We called to let her know we were on our way to the hospital and she beat us there! In just minutes she had our room feeling cozy and safe.

As my contractions intensified, she coached my husband and together they did pelvic compressions to ease my labor. I think she’s magic. The birth got tricky fast, and Amy was such an amazing force of gentle strength and confidence that I was able breathe and stay calm and have the experience I needed to have.

Amy was there for the most intense moment of my life, and I can’t imagine doing it without her. EVERYONE should be so blessed to have Amy as their doula.

We were so happy that Amy was our doula. We went from being unsure that we even wanted a doula to participate to, after the birth, wondering how new parents manage without one.

The things we like best about Amy are her:
  • flexibility—She demonstrates that she’s there to support you, your preferences, and your decisions.
  • knowledge—Amy knows so much about nutrition, pregnancy, birthing techniques, nursing, etc. She answered all of our questions with sound, complete information.
  • composure—Amy is a very soothing influence. She has the perfect demeanor for the birth room.
  • interpersonal skills—Amy knows how to create a team! Amy brought chocolate for the L&D nurses and made it clear she was there to work with the Seton staff and not to compete with them or to hinder their work.
  • can-do attitude—Amy was a huge support to Michael and me—besides the more obvious doula work of supporting the birth itself, she did everything from re-parking our car (which meant Michael didn’t have to leave me to do it himself), to homeying the L&D room, to fetching drinks for us, to remembering to get out a camera to take pictures of our new little man.

We also greatly appreciated that her services did not begin or end with the birth. She visited us and coached us before the birth, and visited after the birth with information and helpful advice about nursing and postpartum recovery.

Throughout the entire process—before we went for the delivery, during the labor and delivery, and after our son’s birth—Amy was a gem. At first, I had some doubts about whether I wanted to have a doula present at the birth, but meeting Amy erased all my doubts.

And I am so glad we did ask Amy to join us. She is very professional and knowledgeable but also loving and calming. With Amy there, I did not need to worry about what I might have forgotten from the Bradley classes. I could focus on helping Kathryn and witnessing an incredible process.

Amy helped to make our son’s birth the beautiful, positive, life-changing event we hoped it would be.
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